How we work: Helping write the law

We assisted in spearheading changes in California law that help our commercial association clients. These changes were instrumental in creating a new level of efficiency for associations in how they operate and control commercial properties. The result of this law is a cost saving that can be passed on to owners and tenants, making commercial real estate investment an even better business venture. Our intimate knowledge of this law can allow us to better serve our clients.

The law changes will save tens to hundreds of millions of dollars for commercial associations over the next 10-50 years. Just as with any business enterprise, commercial associations have a need for efficient and fair legal processes that encourage investment and growth. By implementing changes to association laws, we helped create a new framework for association functions and procedures that are cost conscious and time saving.

We are the experts on these laws; other management companies lack our expertise, which ends up costing their clients even more time and money. Because of our in depth knowledge of commercial association laws, we can guide our clients on how to implement and follow the correct procedures for management and decision making through best practices. Without this background, other companies may be giving advice that is outdated or not even in compliance with current state law. We have seen it many times in our takeover clients. Your property deserves the best management services available, with up to date legal and regulatory knowledge.

We make sure the correct processes and systems are in place to maximize time and money savings for our clients. We do not provide legal advice on these matters, but because of our unique knowledge and experience on the subject, we have established many best practices to optimize association governance within these new laws, which our clients get for FREE! Once we begin working with a client, we first make sure that the procedures being used are the best available, and reflect any new legal developments. Any outdated processes will be replaced with the most current practices available in the industry. This way, our clients realize cost savings right away which helps to prevent unnecessary problems in the future.

Unlike most other management companies, we can make sure the law changes have been implemented correctly in our clients’ governing documents, etc. A large part of commercial association laws pertain to operational and procedural rules that must be incorporated into all formal documents. We review your documents and make specific recommendations on necessary changes for compliance and governance purposes.

Please contact us at (888) 611-5598 so that we can conduct a review of your documents and advise you on potential areas of change or modification.