Asset management: It makes a difference!

True asset management is more than just collecting rent/association dues and overseeing maintenance; it involves managing all aspects of the property, the legal entities that own and operate it, and financing and funding of the company and the property owned by it. Unlike property management, which focuses solely on the physical aspect of a property, asset management is the big picture; incorporating the physical, financial, and legal components of managing property. Our asset management services are designed to preserve the value of the commercial real estate through managing income and expenses, collecting dues/rents, reducing liabilities, and managing the simple physical aspects of the property (e.g., fire/life/safety systems, landscaping, painting, HVAC, asphalt repairs, concrete repairs). Nowadays, asset and property management has become so complex that we have been asked by other asset and property managers from banks, developers, management companies, and “full service commercial real estate firms” to assist them with asset and property management of their portfolios.

When done properly, asset management saves owners significant time and money, as well as greatly reducing liabilities. Our asset management services aim to make lives easier for board members, memberships, owners, and tenants. We manage all aspects of one’s property, which includes tracking, dealing with and distributing the money, collecting dues and assessments from associations and knowing how that money is reallocated. We handle all aspects of the property, including risk management to minimize potential liabilities for our clients. You don’t have to spend the time on the details of your property, and will have the peace of mind knowing that your asset’s value is being preserved and managed in the best way possible.

Centralized management of all processes and systems keeps things simple, as well as speeding up the completion of projects. Because we have special knowledge, specialized managers, and all property-related actions and decisions coming to our office, we are able to manage every aspect of the property efficiently and without complications. Anytime a maintenance or renovation project is needed, we can make sure that it proceeds on schedule and anyone involved is kept up to date. We actively seek out discounts for renovations, and find licensed, bonded, and properly insured contractors/vendors. Prior to paying the workers, we ensure that they produce quality work on the renovation project; saving you a lot of time and money on needing further repairs and maintenance.

We make sure the correct processes are in place, and that the property and its controlling entity share the most advantageous legal relationship. The manner in which commercial real estate is owned requires a management company that is well versed in the legalities and requirements for the most common entities and complex entities used. After all, various owners, boards, and investors all have a stake in the property value and management, therefore we work to ensure that the property is well taken care of promptly and cost-effectively. We provide the highest quality of customer service to the Board of Directors, owners, landlords, and tenants by managing all aspects of their property so they don’t have to, and so they can focus on running their own businesses.

We advise owners and boards on ALL aspects of a property, ensuring every question has a readily available answer. Our history in commercial real estate on the West Coast means that we have seen most situations that can arise for a property, and can handle various issues that arise. We provide “proactive management”, take control of all aspects of one’s property, and help save owners and boards time, money, and unnecessary stress. We take our role seriously, and are responsible for making sure that you have the answers you need.

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