Advisement Services

REA Advisor’s expert consultants can advise you on a range of complex formation, construction, financial, legal, insurance and membership issues. Our consulting services include:

Construction oversight, guidance, and consulting. Whether it be for a new subdivision or a tenant improvement project, REA Advisors will ensure all pre-, mid-, and post-construction or renovation activities are completed on time, within budget, and according to the relevant building codes.

Budget construction and financial strategy consulting. Our experts consult on a range of financial issues, including budget reviews and modifications, specialized budget preparation and considerations, CC&Rs, operating vs. reserve budgets, and financial performance monitoring.

Acquisition, revitalization, and disposition consulting of COA and HOA real estate assets. We advise developer/declarant clients on each stage of acquiring, improving, utilizing, converting and eventually selling distressed or new COA and HOA real estate association assets for positive investment returns.

Independent, non-biased reserves investment evaluation & recommendations. Different types of association have different regulations regarding how and where they can invest their reserves. We consult to both home owner and Commercial Owners’ Associations (COAs or CPOAs) regarding how to increase returns on the money they are holding in reserve.

Independent, non-biased insurance evaluation & recommendations. Associations have different criteria, different needs, and completely different set of rules that need to be considered. These considerations may not be applicable to non-association carriers and brokers. We consult to both HOAs and Commercial Owners’ Associations (COAs or CPOA) regarding their specialized insurance needs.

Conversion Consulting. REA Advisors can walk COA and HOA developers/declarants through every aspect of converting a pre-constructed office building, industrial building, retail building or residential apartment complex into a Commercial Owners’ or Homeowners’ Association Condominium, master association or planned unit development (PUD) association to maximize profits upon sale of the building/units/parcels.

Lease agreement reviews and recommendations. REA Advisors helps decrease turnover and improve tenant relations through regular lease agreement reviews and by managing tenant improvement projects, all while protecting the owner’s business and financial interests, and keeping the membership and tenants happy.

Distressed association support services. If your COA (or CPOA) or HOA requires significant work before it can be effectively monetized or settled to “passive status”, REA Advisors can handle all stages of the pre-, mid-, and post-construction, renovation, or single unit tenant improvement processes, ensuring your property is performing efficiently and fulfilling its potential as quickly as possible.

All services and solutions may be combined or selected “a la carte” depending on our client’s needs. We work with and consult local brokers and agents that specialize in the area in question for brokerage, leasing, financing, and sales. We do not perform brokerage, buying, selling, leasing, or lending services.