Preparing for a natural disaster

Natural disasters can occur any place at any time; but some properties are more prone to certain disasters than others. Some real estate properties in Southern California may be at a higher risk for natural disasters. Depending on the type of structure, and when and where it’s been built, these properties may face greater exposure to damage from earthquakes, fires, flooding, snow/rain, wind, dust/dirt, and certain factors need to be taken into consideration when preparing a natural disaster plan.

Being prepared for a natural disaster can make or break your survival when one does occur. The consequences of most natural disasters can be mitigated through good planning and preparation. The priority is the safety of owners, tenants and visitors, and there should be a detailed plan in place for the evacuation and protection of those on the property. Some disasters come with little warning, so it is important that occupants and customers are aware of the disaster plan and how to respond quickly.

Understanding your natural disaster zone can help you take the necessary precautions to maximize safety and minimize liability. If you have a property that is in an area that is susceptible to earthquakes, flooding or wind, then this type of preparation should be your priority. However, remember rain can cause flooding, snow can cause roofs to cave in, and dirt/dust can also damage micro and macro components in machines, HVACs, etc. As a property owner you have a legal duty to warn and protect visitors from hazards that are predictable, and being in a disaster zone makes this duty explicit. Failure to meet the legal standard could expose you to liability in the event of injury and end up costing you a lot more money to fix an issue caused by a disaster than it would to prevent it.

We evaluate our clients’ properties and make recommendations for safety improvements. As part of our consulting services, we help our clients determine which natural disasters carry the most risk for their property, and what measures are needed to minimize the potential for damage. We also propose certain safety improvements that can be made to the property in order to make it a safer environment for everyone. By taking these steps, we can work to protect the property, our clients and their clients while limiting the economic consequences of a natural disaster.

We can help develop a safety plan with an evacuation route in the event that a natural disaster does occur. Our experience in assisting our clients with disaster preparation gives us the background to help you create a safety plan that can work. By clearly evaluating the property and potential hazards, we can create an evacuation plan that is clearly marked and communicated to owners, tenants and customers.

Please contact us at (888) 611-5598 so that we can discuss potential natural disasters that may affect your property, and steps you can take to be prepared.