Consulting services: Risk management

We help establish risk management plans to deal with any property, financial, corporate, governance, and operational issues that might arise. Internal, external, past, future, known and unknown risks can affect the value of your property/building/unit. The primary concern for an owner/investor/Board of Directors is to maintain the property’s market condition while creating a stream of income. Risk management plans anticipate the primary risks to a property and outline steps to cost-effectively reduce or prepare for those risks as much as possible.

Establishing a risk management plan is an important project, and one for which it is best to bring in experts. Whether due to financial issues or unforeseen circumstances (e.g., natural disasters), the complexity and diversity of real estate may require you to seek the advice and insight of those who specialize in the area in question. We can help to effectively assess the potential risks, work with the proper vendors and authorities, and create a plan to ensure that any risks are properly recorded, addressed and taken care of.

Having an expertly created risk management plan in place greatly increases peace of mind. Once the plan is complete, you can be certain that most contingencies are included so you can focus on your other business priorities. If any changes or modifications are needed, we’ll make sure the plan is updated. This includes items such as changes in zoning and property use, financing or new laws and regulations that could affect your property.

We are very familiar with the maintenance, financial, physical, and legal issues which plague property owners, and we can come up with solutions to manage that risk. After many years of specially acquired knowledge in commercial property management, we already know where the primary risks lie for this type of investment, and can advise you through our consulting services on those issues. With years of experience, we know how to create a plan that identifies the risks and provides detailed and complete analysis; helping to reduce any threats to your property.

We can conduct comprehensive risk analyses, or focus on an individual risk area of particular concern to our client. Some clients have specific concerns depending on the property or through past experience. In that case, we can offer a risk analysis that goes in depth on a single risk area and anticipate where problems may arise. Despite the range that we analyze, we can ensure you that your property’s potential risks will be significantly reduced.

Please contact us at (888) 611-5598 if you want to create a risk management plan for a specific risk area of your property or the property as a whole.