For Property Owners

REA Advisors uses management processes specifically matched to the needs of the type of property under management. Our services include:

Real estate accounting and administrative services. We can handle all property-related bookkeeping, including rent collection and recording. We can also oversee sending out notices and letters, and fielding tenant communications.

Asset management. We provide full-service asset and property management, settling your property down to “residual income status” for you, by combining physical property management with full financial, administrative, and legal management and oversight.

Physical property management. We work with a network of trusted suppliers and contractors to cover all physical property management needs in a timely fashion, including plumbing, electrical, landscaping, parking, sidewalks, HVAC, fire-life safety systems, and more!

Component and area management. We can manage your entire property, or simply a specific aspect of your property that requires specific attention, such as landscaping, HVAC, or fire-life safety management.

Distressed asset support services. If your property requires significant work before it can be effectively monetized, REA Advisors can handle all stages of the pre-, mid-, and post-construction or renovation processes, ensuring your property is running efficiently and fulfilling its potential as quickly as possible.

All services and solutions may be combined or selected “a la carte” depending on our client’s needs. We work with and consult local brokers and agents that specialize in the area in question for brokerage, leasing, financing, and sales. We do not perform brokerage, buying, selling, leasing, or lending services.